Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Oct 26th

Nothing hugely profound today, but lots of little things I'm thankful for.

The respectful and mature relationship I have with Lucy's dad, which is a particular blessing when our child has an emotional meltdown in the classroom as we're about to leave her to her activities, on her second transition to school day today.

Grateful for the compassion and flexibility shown by the vice principal, in allowing Lucy time to recentre with us before suggesting finding a spot in the class she had last time (into which she transitioned seamlessly and was joyous and chatty when the time came for us to collect her).

Creating a new playspace in our home, away from the sleeping space, in time for my girl's arrival tomorrow, hopefully preventing any feelings of being displaced now her room is no longer her own.  I have also put up the sparkly purple curtains in our sleeping space, to hopefully help her feel it is her space as well as mine.

A two hour long conversation via Skype with my bestie, catching up on everything new and much of the same... long overdue indulgence.

Snuggly cats that prefer my lap to the floor or any other surface.  So much so, they will balance precariously on one thigh whilst attempting to nestle their heads into imagined, non-existing crevices.  Not so grateful for the clinging on with claws while attempting this manoeuvre, however. 

Grateful for shared evening interests with my beloved, which include NZ champenoise, antipasto platter with prawns, olives, dolmade, artichoke, salmon... boardgames and giggles.

More of which is awaiting the completion of this post.
Ciao bellas and bellos
Enjoy your eve xxx

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