Friday, October 14, 2011

Oct 14th

Our second day in a row at the beach!

The weather has been gorgeous and the temperatures, amazing.
New bathers have been purchased (no chance in Hades she was fitting last years.  The growth on this child has astonished me!) - with the inclusion of a new purple, frilly sunhat :oD.  It feels wonderful to have sand between my toes in combination with the heat of the sun, again.  And to be able to say "yes!" to my child when she asks for a splash - which happens every single time we visit the beach, without fail, regardless of the air or water temperature.

It's reminded me that the time has come to replace the jacket and socks in the car bag, with towels, lightweight clothing, extra sunhat, sunscreen, insect repellent and a warm sleeves, for when she is inevitably freezing after her too-long stay in the shallows.

I adore the warmer months.
We dined out this evening and spent an hour after our meal, running, cartwheeling, swinging and doing yoga poses in an open space of grass next to the hotel where we ate.  The air was still warm, the sun was still hovering in the early evening sky and it was waaaaaay past her bedtime, but the feeling was too delicious to not enjoy to the fullest.  Needless to say, her gentle snore could be heard mere minutes after the light was switched out.

And even though I forgot to set the jelly last night, she still found a way to satisfy her craving.  The pleasures of summer <3

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