Sunday, October 30, 2011

Oct 30th

A had a wonderful day, today!

Lots of little things bringing me joy, all culminating into a day that left me flopping into bed with a smile on my face.

A big kiss goodbye from my gorgeous girl as I dropped her to her Dads.
A quiet drive to the studio, content in my own company, deep in my thoughts.  An opportunity to play over a scenario and contemplate if there was another way it could have been approached.

A powerful, strong practice amongst an intimate group of seasoned yogis, with one of my favourite teachers.  Being told my practice today was "inspiring" by said teacher!  And receiving much gushing gratitude from a newbie that stood behind me, after completing her first class, thankful for having someone to watch.

Home to a fully cooked breakfast, a freshly made vegie juice (with beetroot, my favourite), a hot cup of roasted bean goodness and a gorgeous man, all rested and rejuvenated from his quiet morning time alone.
Two hours helping out friends with tiny buttons, packing up three rooms of their home in preparation for their move next week - and all the chatting and laughing that ensues when people who adore each other gather together.

An evening out with my beloved - woodfired pizza and a bottle of wine, followed by a movie at the perfectly reasonable time of 6:45pm.  I do so love it when movies start early.  Leaving a lovely patch of the evening free for zooming home to enjoy tea and sweet goodness in bed, melting into the blankets in front of our favourite show for an hour or two.

Just blissful.

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