Saturday, October 29, 2011

Oct 29th

I am immensely grateful for Ben, today.
He offered to mind my child for three hours, while I attended practice.

Today was a master class.  Taught by Lynn Whitlow.  Lynn is the shiz in the Bikram world.  Hailing from California, Lynn has taught yoga her entire adult life.  She is one of the few people authorized by Bikram to teach seminars and workshops.  We were VERY blessed to have her at our humble studio <3.

The class was scheduled for two hours - an additional half hour on top of usual.  I think it went for close to two and a half.  It's the first time I have stumbled out of the studio and been literally unable to form words.  I could barely make eye contact with anyone, I was so overwhelmed by the experience.  Overwhelmed, as in ohmygodI'mconvincedIwasabouttodie.  In my semi-coherent state, I noticed I wasn't the only one. Often we will come out of a difficult class and sit around re-acclimatising, bonding about how difficult the class was.  Today, we could barely talk. 

I am also immensely grateful for one of my fellow students, for finding her legs and bringing around the bowl of orange segments.  I was willing those things to appear in my hands so bad.  It had been about five minutes and I still couldn't find my legs.  It was the sugar hit I needed in order to get myself to the drinks fridge and replenish my electrolytes with coconut water.  From there, I was good to go.

Despite the almost dying business and wondering what the hell I was doing there and why is it that I love this practice so much, I did take away some valuable insights into the postures.  And of course, I didn't die (as Lynn pointed out as I embraced her and thanked her on leaving this afternoon).  I even mustered the energy to go twirlin' with my pyro community tonight.

I'm feeling pretty exhausted now.
Just enjoying a cup of tea and setting up my brand new water kefir grains to ferment before going to bed.  Now THAT is a crazy, freaky new adventure I'm excited to be embarking upon!  Purchased through Cultures Alive!  I have no idea what I'm doing.  But I have info sheets, Google and my good friends that have been there - done that, so I figure I can't go too far wrong.

Sleep is calling... night gorgeous ones xxx

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