Sunday, October 2, 2011

Oct 2nd

"Mama?  It's Lucy."
"Hi baby!  What's going on?"
"I lost my tooth."
"Yeah, I was biting a towel and it came out."
"Why were you biting a towel, baby?"
*emphatic and matter of factly* "Cos I was being a dog!" (Der)

After I hung up the phone a bit more banter later, I realised I was more ready for this than I thought.  I love how the big changes are often preceded with a little bit of warning.  The tooth (well, teeth actually, there were two wiggly) have been moving around in their spots for more than a week now.  Finding out they were wiggly freaked the beejeezers out of me.  I was expecting that around age six or seven.  Not four. And now she's five.  With one tooth gone.  Another wiggly and one adult tooth already having broken the surface of the gums, on its way up.  Gosh.  

I'm thankful that the store owner for the keepsake idea I had, was able to get it in for me as quickly as he did.  I'm thankful that I had the forethought to give her father the first in the series when we exchanged care today.

I'm excited for her, so much!  And a little sad that it's not me putting that $1 coin and keepsake into a drawstring bag tonight and collecting that wee tooth.  She's decided she believes in the tooth fairy, so we're going with it *smile*.  It's quite a different dynamic I must say, enjoying a fantasy with a child who knows the truth, but chooses to play.  Quite lovely indeed.

Lucy's phone call and news was an exciting element to an otherwise blissfully relaxing day.  Brunch out followed by movies back to back.

Indian takeaway for dinner and lots of yarn play.
Day two in my OcSober challenge done.  Today a little easier than yesterday, for sure.  I hope that this sliding scale continues...

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