Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Oct 5th

I love how the tiniest things can completely change the course of my travels.

I arrived home from yoga this morning, to discover an SMS from Lucy's dad saying the second tooth had come out overnight (in her sleep! She found it resting on her tongue "I knew it couldn't be porridge, Mum, so it must have been my tooth").  So a trip to the other side of town was on the agenda, to drop off nesting doll number two.  A quick phone call to my friend Kim who lives on that side of town, requesting home invasion permission - to which she gave the go-ahead (yay!) - and all of a sudden work on the business was delayed for the afternoon rest of day.

Getting in the car after my cup was filleth by joyous company, I was planning some last minute shopping for gifts and realised I had one hour before shops closed.  My favourite two stores were a 15 minute drive away, which didn't leave anywhere near enough time for parking and the kind of browsing I like to do.  While I was contemplating this, I realised I had missed my turn off and was now heading into the local township.  Wracking the historical information section in my brain (it's been a while since I shopped here) for appropriate stores in this shopping strip for what I wanted came up blank.  My eyes scanned the strip, willing inspiration to jump out at me - and then it appeared *beam*.

The last time I entered this store (more than two years ago), it was strictly educational resources, for teachers mainly.  It has since expanded considerably!  So many more books!  As well as educational toys.  I was so grateful for this turn of events in my gift shopping expedition!

I sourced everything I was wanting - plus a whole lot more.
The range on offer included many books you don't find elsewhere (I spend A LOT of time in bookstores, hear me on this one).  Including this extraordinary pop-up book!  The artistry and skill is truly incredible!  

I also found three wonderful resources on Asperger Syndrome that I haven't seen elsewhere.  Promptly purchased and gifted to a dear friend who is negotiating the dance that is having a child with Asperger's.

And tonight I tried a new strategy in our current fixation of the game Cashflow 101.  Borrowing to purchase a positive cashflow property (which starts out as negatively geared but doesn't remain that way for long).  Not sure if it paid off (we are still at the mercy of the die roll), but something I will play with again.

So whether today's change in directions were externally or internally influenced, their impact on my day has yielded some pleasing results!

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