Sunday, October 23, 2011

Oct 23rd

She said yes.  *smile*
Ace.  *grin*
Let the crazy journey begin!


A lazy morning this morning, then yoga, then breakfast out.
The sun and sky and air temperature was glorious.  One of those mornings where you just stand still, face upturned to the sun, eyes closed, drinking in the smells, the warmth, the sounds, the joy that is absolutely palpable in the atmosphere.  Gorgeous weather brings out the gorgeous in everyone.  It's a pleasure to be surrounded by people in this kind of energy.

Feeling less and less like an imposter with this name.
Yogi teacher number two introduced to the new name.  It rolled off her tongue as she was correcting my Dandayamana-Bibhaktapada-Paschimotthanasana (Standing Separate Leg Stretching Pose).  Even though I was in shitty-arse pain, I smiled.  It felt nice (hearing the name, not stretching in the posture - the posture sucked).  I've been receiving all sorts of reactions - 100% positive, which has actually surprised me!  I mean, I know people generally are too polite to come right out and say any negative thoughts they may be thinking.  But when you tell someone in person, they have no place to hide their initial reaction - and they've been so embracing.  Sign of the times we live in - or the people I hang out with...?  


Reactions are essentially moot anyway.  They will not impact me either way.  And I know any reaction anyone has, negative particularly, is not about me.  It's 100% about them and them trying to find a way to fit this idea into their own reality.  It's generally quite a foreign concept to most and it can be a little threatening.  A name is an identity.  Changing that is paramount to changing your identity.  There is also the link in to lineage.  Some feel a name change is a snub to your family, your parents, your heritage.  No doubt my own parents will feel that way, too.  And that's okay.  It's not something they would feel comfortable doing themselves.  But no one is asking them to *smile*.  

I am not disassociating myself with my family, or my parents, or my heritage.  Simply finding a name that fits.  As my birth name never really did - not surprising really, considering I didn't choose it myself!  And it was chosen when I was a few moments old, so my personality had hardly had a chance to shine through to influence a choice one way or another *laugh*.  I hear some customs do that - wait until the child is a few months (or years?) old and then allow their personality to dictate their name.  Makes perfect, gorgeous sense to me *smile*.

Grateful for lots of things today.
Lovely lighting for some pics of our beautiful felines prancing and pouncing around in the garden (a rare treat for them!).  A man who's heart is so huge and who's spirit is so generous, that he opens his home and his life to two new souls (actually four, if you count the cat and budgie *laugh*), without so much as a flinch (and still feels this way more than 24 hours later).  And then spends most of the day rearranging bedroom dynamics for the five souls that will soon be under this roof.  Grateful for beautiful warm weather that allows me to shed layers of clothing, liberating my body from the restriction of fabric it rebels against more often than not.

And you?  What are you grateful for this fine, spring Sunday?

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