Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Oct 18th

Have you discovered Pinterest?

I'm late to the party, as is often the case.  Mostly because I resented having to link my pinterest account with my fb or twitter id.  And as a result, I put it off.  Living with a privacy freak, I have become a little uneasy with the electronic papertrail that happens all too easily.  Silly things bother me though - like this.  When really, you'd think I'd be more paranoid about being logged into my Google account constantly (because I'm too lazy to type in the password every day to post here) and having every click via the Google search engines tracked and logged...  I digress.

So, I've been having fun meandering around the world that is pinterest.  Sooo many crafty ideas.  Like this one:

A funky feminist friend of mine noticed this pin on my board and swooned at the yoni-lovin' beauty.  An oh-so-casual note was messaged to me... "remember how I named your business...? ;p"

I was thrilled!  I have been contemplating for months what to create this woman, as a thank you.  I did indeed offer to pay for her creative inspiration in craft - but what do you craft for a woman who's crafty?  Absolute hard basket.  But this!  This I could do!  I spent the last two days formulating an idea around this inspiration, then manifesting it into reality.  And tonight, I gifted it to her.  

There was much squealing in delight.  Total win.*grin*

Grateful for having friends in my life that are so generous with their talents.
Grateful for having friends in my life that inspire me to create
Grateful for having friends in my life that delight in receiving.

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