Saturday, October 15, 2011

Oct 15th

My day today was made up of (crafting) love, (witnessing) love and (preparing) more love.

Sewing for a gorgeous woman, who has just returned to the Red Tent (resumed cycling again) after many moons of birthing and breastfeeding a bundle of beautiful children.  She contacted, seeking inspiration on where to purchase cloth pads to catch her blood.  I mentioned I would feel honoured to stitch a couple for her, if she was okay with that.  A resounding YES was returned and Lucy and I perused my fabric stash to find the perfect colours with S in mind.  I had such a lovely time, I forgot to photograph the finished items before sealing them up in a postage bag!

Today was another "YES" day for bathers and water-play.  This time, the wading pool in our back yard.  The sun truly does feel delicious at this time of year - warmth without the sting - savoured even more so by the blossoming flowers delighted to be outdoors once again, after too long under roof.  I truly delight in witnessing her pleasure in the wonderful sensations of our world.

 Friends joined us in the early evening for dinner and being quite warm, I couldn't fathom the thought of a hot dinner.  So instead, I had fun (directing the) making (of) gazpacho (been on my to-do list for YEARS!) and because the mangoes are in season and so damn divine, they were just calling to be tumbled around in a bowl with raw trout marinated in lemon and lime juice, and a touch of coriander.  The gazpacho isn't actually pictured by the way, that sumptuous looking pink concoction masquerading as gazpacho is frozen strawberry daiquiri *grin*.

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